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Useful Links

Here are a collection of links to web sites that we think are useful, fun, or just plain silly.
www.myspace.com/2bipolarbear Bi-polarbear's Myspace page
buybipolarbear The Bi-polarbear Store
The webcomic list Bi-polarbear's listing/ranking on the webcomic list
World Wildlife Fund Help WWF save the last of their kind: especially the Polarbears!
www.artpatient.com A site dedicated to web comics and other useful stuff, and the first to review Bi-Polarbear.com!

Comic Related The Comic Related PodCast
Comic Timing The Comic Timing PodCast
Raging Bullets The Raging Bullets PodCast
Dafixer's Hideout The Dafixer's Hideout PodCast
ComicsXP The ComicsXP PodCast

Other stuff
Group games An interesting site