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About Us

Bi-PolarBear and his friends have become the champions of the ordinary man. After all, we all have problems. And while these characters live in our world, they are in a world all their own. They are two-dimensional characters in a three-dimensional world, which makes 5, 6 or 8 dimensions, depending upon how you do the math.

While Bi-PolarBear and friends take on certain characteristics, traits and behaviors, they are in no way making fun of people who actually suffer from any specific afflictions or diseases. Our goal is to not only entertain you, but to raise awareness, and shed some light on problems people face every day. And in the process maybe even make you laugh, even just a little. However, a sense of humor is essential of humor is essential to life, and if we make you smile, than mission accomplished. If you are somehow offended by Bi-PolarBear, any of our other characters, or any of our cartoons, then please refer to Rule 62.